Users who know mobile phones, choose 256GB of memory when buying mobile phones, otherwise only yourself

Before the iPhone13 series released this year, there was a message that made Apple users were very unclear, that is, the iPhone13Pro series will cancel 256GB storage versions, because Apple’s previous mobile phone has this phenomenon, so many Apple users believe this information.

Everyone has such a big response because the 256GB version has become one of the standards of most mobile phone users when choosing mobile phone storage capacity. Therefore, more users will take a long time when buying a mobile phone, in fact, it is to store the size and high price.

I am buying iPhone13Pro Max, I started to choose 128GB version, because I have used 128GB version, from iPhone7plus, I have been 128GB version, but I feel that the storage space seems to be a bit not enough. Cancel the order to reselect 256GB version, the result is grabbed, and the version is not.

Then users are in the face of mobile phone storage 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, so many capacity versions, what should I choose?

First, many users will have a misunderstanding, 128GB capacity is complete enough and cheap, 256GB is too expensive. Is it really?

Which volume version still has to look at the main purpose after the phone, if you start with a small size version of the price, it is likely to store space after a while.

The mobile phone is very weak, with the processor performance and camera technology, more users will use the mobile phone as a camera and entertainment tools.

I like to take photos, short video, 128GB is not enough, and the 265GB or even larger version is more secure.

In addition to storing photos video files, the App us usually uses a larger storage space. As we have more and more demand for mobile phones, the APP installed in the mobile phone is more and more, one mainstream mobile phone Just install hundreds of apps, and some of the large game apps occupy more than 10 gs.

In addition to the APP’s occupancy storage, the cache file that uses the app will also store space. For example, we use the most WeChat, my own WeChat cache has reached 27GB, accounting for more than 1GB of memory than 1GB. But you can’t clean up frequently, afraid that some data will be lost.

For users with low mobile phone-dependent, you can choose the stored version of your own, you will neither shoot a lot of photos and videos, and you will not play games, just use a mobile phone basic function, entertainment look at the news. , Video, these don’t have too much mobile phone storage, more wasteful.

Therefore, when the mobile phone users are replacing mobile phones, they are still based on their own scenarios and habits. If the annual memory occupancy is the same, they can keep the status, if their own mobile phone store has a growth trend, then choose a slight high A little storage version, after all, buy a mobile phone minimum to use 2-3 years, try to avoid the mobile phone because of insufficient storage.

"Network Security Challenge and Related Suggestions" in Automatic Driving

In February this year, the EU Network Security Bureau (ENISA) released the "Network Security Challenge" in automatic driving. The CCID Tank Network Security Institute compiled the report and expects to help our relevant departments.


The report combed the application status of artificial intelligence technology in automatic driving vehicles, and analyzed the network security threats and challenges generated in automatic driving through five attack scenarios, and proposed to strengthen the safety of artificial intelligence network safety, development End-to-end artificial intelligent security solutions, enhances the ability of artificial intelligence related events and vulnerability discovery capabilities, strengthening various countermeasures such as artificial intelligence safety training in the automotive industry. The report is designed to improve the awareness of potential risks of artificial intelligence technology and effectively resolve risks.


A new generation of cars are achieving semi-automatic and automatic driving capabilities with advances in artificial intelligence technology. According to the "Classification and Definition of Road Motor Vehicle Driving Automation System" (hereinafter referred to as SAE J3016) issued by the US Automotive Engineering Society (hereinafter referred to as SAE J3016), the road motor vehicle is divided into six automatic driving levels, from no automatic driving 0-level to complete automatic Driving and does not require the driver level 5, as shown in Figure 1. This report refers to the automatic driving vehicle, corresponding to 4 and 5-level vehicles in SAE J3016.

I. Application of artificial intelligence technology in automatic driving

(1) Artificial intelligence technology in automatic driving

In the past 10 years, the automatic driving is rapidly developed. The automatic driving system can make safety and smoothness of the destination by perceive and infer the surrounding environment, and take action to control the vehicle accordingly. The rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, especially machine learning is an important promotion of automatic driving. Figure 2 lists typical scenes facing the automatic driving system.

The automatic driving system enhancement function realized by artificial intelligence and machine learning technology mainly includes brake assist, smart parking, voice interaction with information entertainment system.

(2) Artificial intelligence software in the automatic driving system

Driving vehicles in a reality environment is not easy, requires complex social ethics and decision-making capacity to effectively respond to various accidents and hazards. Artificial intelligence software embedded in automatic driving vehicles can implement these functions, which are handled by various data collected by the processing sensor, thereby making decisions such as mobile, parking, and deceleration.

(3) Correspondence between automobile functions and artificial intelligence technology

Table 1 lists the correspondence between automatic driving vehicle function and artificial intelligence technology.

Second, artificial intelligence network security issues in automatic driving

The development of automatic driving and car networking has put forward higher requirements for the calculation function and interconnection of the vehicle, and also increases the possibility of a vehicle being attacked by a network. The network security risks of automatic driving vehicles will affect passengers, pedestrians, other vehicles and related infrastructure safety, and it is urgent to study the risk of safe vulnerability in application artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligent network threats can be divided into two categories: intentional threats and unintentional threats.

Common network security threats include four categories:

First yetSensor cents, blind, deception / saturation. The sensor will blind or disturbed. In this way, the attacker can manipulate the artificial intelligence model, provide error data to the artificial intelligence algorithm, or deliberately providing incomplete data, reducing the effectiveness of automatic decision making.

two isDOS / DDoS attack. Interrupt the communication channel available to automatically drive the vehicle so that it is basically lost in the outside world. This kind of attack can directly affect the vehicle operation and will prevent automatic driving. The purpose of the DDOS attack is to interrupt the communication channel.

ThreeManipulate the vehicle communication. The hijacking and manipulating communication channel will have a serious impact on the automatic driving operation, and the attacker can modify the transmission of the sensor reading or error interpretation of the information provided by the road infrastructure.

Four isInformation leakage. The vehicle in order to achieve automatic driving, which stores and uses a large number of personal sensitive information, including critical data saved on the artificial intelligence component, so potential attackers will intend to obtain such information, resulting in data leakage.

The following is interpreted by 5 hypothetical scenes.

Attack scenario 1:Confrared disturbances for image processing models used for street sign identification and lane detection.

Attack Scene 2:Intermediary attacks on the planning module.

Attack Scene 3:Data poisoning attacks identified by parking signs.

Attack Scene 4:Intrusion OEM background server, large-scale deployment of malware attacks.

Attack Scene 5:Sensor / Communication Interference and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) spoofing attacks.

Third, artificial intelligent network security challenges and related recommendations in automatic driving

(1) Safety verification for systematic intelligence models and data

Data is critical to constructing and verifying artificial intelligence systems and is the core of the machine learning model learning process. Automatic driving vehicles typically configure multiple sensors, collect millions of environment description data per second, which provide basic support for complex, dynamic manual intelligence models.

(2) Providing a supply chain challenge related to artificial intelligence network security

Supply chain security is the weight of network security. In the supply chain of artificial intelligence components, if there is no appropriate security policy and enough strategy, it will lead to a lack of elasticity and there is potential security vulnerabilities. The security issues in the artificial intelligent life cycle may bring security risks to the automotive supply chain.

(3) End-to-end plan for artificial intelligent network security and traditional network security

In order to ensure the safe operation of automatic driving vehicles, artificial intelligent security solutions should be promoted in automatic driving vehicles and combined with traditional network security to improve the safety of artificial intelligence systems. Automatic driving deepening to artificial intelligence technology, not only provides power for attackers to implement cyber attacks on the target intelligence algorithm, but also the consequences of successful implementation of network attacks are getting more serious.

(4) Event disposal and vulnerability discovery capabilities related to artificial intelligence

Although many enterprise network security teams know that there is a network security hazard, there is a network security hazard, but only when security events or discovery vulnerabilities occurs, people really realize the importance of security. Although there is a lot of publicity of security vulnerabilities, people’s network security awareness is still weak, especially in the security vulnerabilities related to artificial intelligence systems.

(5) The lack of artificial intelligence network security and expertise in the automotive industry

Due to the lack of expertise in artificial intelligent network security due to development and system designers, there is no safety test and code analysis of artificial intelligence components during the development process, which has not set a network security policy in advance, which causes attackers to easily Automatic driving vehicle artificial intelligence components are locked as attack targets. Therefore, artificial intelligence security issues usually adopt the method of post-remedies, and the form of security inserts is mainly in the form of safety vulnerabilities.

Translated from:

Cybersecurity Challenge in the Uptake of Artificial Intelligence In Autonomous Driving, February 2021 by European Union Agency Fo Cybersecurity

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Live tape is hot, but there is no imagination to make money

Editor’s Initiative: Under the epidemic, live band is extremely hot. Whether it is a live broadcast of the net red belt or the owner of the company, the five flowers are all. Why is so many brands start broadcasting goods? Don’t you really make money? After two or three years of ultra-high-speed development, what is the live band industry? I believe that everyone is very confused, this article launches these issues, and interested friends will come and see.

China’s Internet is a tone, and the Chinese smell is also unusual, not so much curved, as long as you look at the new track that can earn big money, you will have a big capital and talent. The live broadcast of the year has become the biggest wind.

From the four major portals, 3Q wars, thousands of groups, taking a truck war, takeaway war, as long as it is a new style of the Internet industry, it is not attractive to capital, useLoswardlyMethod, wait until the circle is almost the same,I smiled and waved the sickle to start cutting the leek.

Recently a hot text"The end of the Internet is e-commerce"Detached social networks, from traditional Taobao Jingdong spent a lot of new hanging tricks, WeChat, Xiaohong book, drip, Zhizhi also started to sell, even the APP of the country is gradually played in addition to their business business. E-commerce business.

During this time, the live broadcast of the firewood is not much different from well-known anchor Zhu Xihui (Sydney), Lin Shanshan is suspected of stealing taxes, and the two need to pay taxes, and the retaining gold is fined about 65.55 million yuan and 27.67 million yuan. With such a high tax and penalty, then business revenue can know that it is calculated as a billion.

Well-known entrepreneurs believe that many people have heard of many people.Luo YonghaoThe wind is from the water, and the three-year payment is 60 billion debt.Li GuoqingSelf-proclaimed department store rivers and lakes, it is good.Yu MinhongExit the field of education, with the most core hundred teachers temporarily "transfer the agricultural products" e-commerce industry.

After two or three years of ultra-high-speed development, what happened to live goods industry,Today, Xiao Ge will talk to you through some things you see.

First, from the object to be gathered, to people with a population, from the core of the product into traffic

Twenty years ago, on the shelves of the supermarket, various items were placed in a variety of goods. They were placed in order, and they were placed in a row of food, restaurants, tools areas, snacks, Hardware districts, etc.Each item has been labeled with respective tags.

Today, when people put more time on the e-commerce platform, when you open a shopping app, all kinds of different goods are lost in front of you, even if the live broadcast, you can still do thousands of people.Because everyone has been put on their respective labelsYou are a quaternary girl, I am a middle-aged uncle, she is an old age retirement worker.

If you still have a good job at this time, you don’t know how to get appropriate users, that business is estimated to do for a long time.

You must know that in today’s era, production capacity is basically excess, people’s shopping needs are no longer there, but it is good, I don’t like it. Whether it is wholesale or retail, you mustTake the potential customer for the first principal, Under the premise of exception of product quality,Thinking the path of communication is the right thing.

A friend of Xiaogong is a golden Chinese. There are many relatives in the local area to be a supply chain. I think that I can live in the goods, so I have three teams, and each team is five people. It has been done for half a year, loss More than 100,000, usually selling seasonal products, each product is started, sold for a while, rewinding the new product in the past season.

Occasionally, but it is not sustainable, continuous replacement, and for the company, there is no user to precipitate. It must understand that the live broadcast must understand: Sell is only a means of changing, and the traffic is the key.

Tophbus,7 points, 3 points to do, More flowers are put on the choice, rather than selling what to sell, to drive the preferences of fans, and study the psychology of fans to improve the entire selection system.

Second, the conversion rate of live broadcast goods is not as high as you think

Live e-commerce is mainly interested, by stimulating user shopping interests, the conversion rate will be low compared to traditional shelves search for e-commerce.In stock first and then invited to buywithFirst buy a reappearanceIt is a completely two different shopping logic, which is also the greatest reason.

A friend of a brand is from Taobao. In the past two years, it has built a team to make a trembled live band, according to him,There is only one bit number in the conversion rate of hanging, and Taobao’s conversion is two digits.

Raminated this content platform has large traffic,But there is no shoppingTherefore, it is relatively difficult to convert to shopping.

Compared with Taobao, the live band of trembling is more needed to set up IP support."Without quality content, do not do the essence of live goods."

From avatar, nickname, personal introduction, short video content, top picture, shop score, user evaluation, will affect the conversion rate between live broadcast, which is determined by the platform "interest e-commerce", which is more than Traditional e-commerce has moreImpact factor.

Brand’s friends think about a lot of ways, please come outside the company to lecture, how to promote the employees of all business lines to improve business KPI, after three times, improve the improvement, and finally gave up from the outside The proposal of the helper, focusing on internal replications and uses the reward strategy, and the effects currently achieved are not bad.

Third, there is traffic, it is not necessarily successful, and the user is precise is the fundamental element.

Now as long as you do live goods, you want to do it, you must buy traffic, traffic is very mystery, as long as you spend money, traffic is basically coming in, but as can be transformed, except for an excellent pitcher, you have to watch live The overall undertaking capability.

Generally, a live broadcast should build dozens of plans, each plan is a bit different, is to identify the most accurate traffic, and after dozens of games, maybe you can find the best part of the traffic.

I have heard a point of view recently.channelIt is the scale of precision users.In the eyes of the little brother, the perfect channel is the right user to enter the live broadcast between the right time to see the items of interest.

So the little brother said that the live band is a time and space, there is no previous demand, and it will not come to the transaction of this life.

What we have to do is let users talk, of course it is impossible to use mouth, but use behavior, transform behavior into data, and the common hobbies they have, and take the user common psychology, you can set it in user orientation. When it is very accurately removed from users who belong to high conversion rates.

Fourth, the key to grasp the traffic is to activate the desire

You must have heard that the live ROI of some industries is only 1 point, that is, the order is stable, but according to the truth of "buying is not as sold", the merchant wants to make money, earning it is repurchant. money. Friends with a snack industry, they are in the live broadcast, except for selling,Very focused on booting users’ repurchase behaviors.

The most original method is of course adding attention, adding the fan group, when the next time, the system is recommended when the software is just opening the software.

Then it is a fan group, whether it is an official group, or a private domain, you must do it, or even mailing goods can also guide the fans, using professional software, do word of mouth and content, and brush the existence from time to time. , Fans have demand, I will think of your goods in your home.

Finally, it is also a commodity pricing strategy. How long after a purchase, you can get some equity, whether it is cash reward or member welfare, you can try it. If you can build a member system, then it is fine.

5. Final: Any industry, only becoming the head to live best

In this era of all things, I recently saw that the lawyers were broadcast live, Double Eleven Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya’s record believes that as long as it is in this industry, the third place and the results after the backup, do not The value is mentioned.

Once a certain industry is overheating, people go too much, and finally the winner will have one or two, then the extra talent will be surplus, the inner volume will be produced, the word inner volume has been deeply rooted in the heart, even Internet big factory, don’t work hard, I am really afraid that one day is optimized. How can I be steady on the Diaoyutai, not the fish on the cutting board?

Winner is eaten, in any industry, in addition to some national monopoly industries, other industries, a large or secondary world is the most common, and the Matthew law tells us that strong people are constant, so,Only becoming the head to live best.

Individual is also the same,Become the ultimates of a certain fieldIt will be steadily sitting on the Diaoyutai, a technology, whether it is working or entrepreneurship, you can hold the sky.

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