China Unicom: Hit the core security guarantee combination, for the winter Olympique network gathering

How to play the advantages of the central security operations in the core network, protect the core security of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Zhangjiakou District? The online security portfolio is the answer given by the China Unicom North Region Operation Center (hereinafter referred to as "Northern Region Operation Center").

"The North Region Operation Center is the first major area operation center in China Unicom network. It is responsible for the core network maintenance of the five provinces, including Hebei, so you must shoulder the safety guarantee of Zhangjiakou 5G core network and VIMS core network. Work. "Wang Xin, general manager of Yunnan Operations Center, China Unicom Group Company.

Plan in advance to ensure that the network is in place

During the Winter Orance, the live floating has high flow density, large network demand, and is affected by new crown pneumonia, many people will watch the game through the network, so we must ensure that the network capacity can meet the needs of business growth.

"In order to prevent the network fluctuation caused by cutting-expand to affect the stability of the core network, we accurately investigate users’ needs, consider the increasing amount of more than 5G users in Hebei, and also take into account the shortcoming of users during large events."Zhang Yu, general manager of the North Region Operation Center, combined with the existing hardware foundation, and they put forward reasonable expansion planning, and actively communicate with the Group’s Winter Olympics, Hebei Unicom, Zhongxunyuan, equipment manufacturers, etc. Expand planning implementation.

At the end of October, the North Region Operation Center effectively reduced the occupancy rate of the core network elements of Hebei Province by pulling up a multi-set network element equipment, achieving the large-scale growth of NEM, SMF and other network elements, and effective reduced the occupancy rate of the core network elements of Hebei Province. Let the network have enough surplus space. Carrying the amount of traffic during the Winter Olympics, guarantee the online moment.

Willing safety line, building safety Winter Olympics

"Dedicated to the world, a simple and highly wonderful Olympic event, Unicom is unable to spend." Wei Haibo, general manager of Shandong Unicom, said, under the guidance of the group company, Shandong Unicom established the Winter Olympian network security leading group and working group, through formulating specific programs, Clear mission division, refine work measures, and ensure that the Winter Olympics is not lost.

A reasonable talent array can make a work less than half a effort, so it is necessary to change from the thinking shift from "doing things" to "employ people".

Zhang Yong, General Manager of Shandong Unicom Network, revealed that the core network security work in Zhangjiakou Fair is taken over by the network, and other relevant departments (including the North Region Operation Center) closely cooperates, through the common combing risk hidden dangers and combines the actual situation of Winter Olympics. To develop a rectification plan.

It is reported that this rectification work has been completed at the end of November.

In addition, understand the overall context of network security in Beijing Winter Olympics, and the development of follow-up work is significant. To this end, the North Regional Operation Center sent a talent to participate in the participation of China Unicom Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics. Develop a whole process through a small participation program, accumulating work experience for the Winter Olympics.

Innovative security initiatives are a must-win magic weapon to win the Winter Olympics.

At the safety mean, the North Region Operation Center not only completed the risk assessment and hidden dangers of Hebei Unicom network assets, but also in combination with Hebei Unicom to carry out network security emergency drills, including 5GC UPF / UDM, centralized VIMS and other networks in Zhangjiakou.

It is understood that 5GC UPF is a 5G core network user network element. UDM is the core network storage user data network, centralized VIMS is a network that deploys the Volte voice service in the center of the region. Guaranteed these nets have no loss of Winter Olympics, so it is not easy to carry out safety emergency drills in time.

The relevant person in charge of the 5GC team of the North Region Operation Center said that since the 5G core network adopts the SBA (service structure), NFV (network function virtualization), SDN (software definition network) and other new network architecture and technology, There are very few differences from traditional core network equipment.

Practice real knowledge, face new situation, new challenges, they dare to technically innovation, have completed millions of grades, thousands of-level cross-DC disaster recovery drills, will improve the safety of the safety exercises as guaranteeing the safety of Winter Olympics Important means.

The core network is the central part of communication network transmission, and its security is critical to 5G network security and smooth operation. By using standardized solutions, the North Region Operation Center built the "safe Great Great Wall" of network protection.

Collecting the soldier, open the 5G guarantee link

Whether it can be completed outstanding, the key is in the person.

Zhang Yu, general manager of the North Region Operation Center, revealed that in order to build a fully efficient Winter Olympics service support team, they start from the actual appeal of Winter Olympics, using the actual appeal of the core network operation and maintenance personnel, using the large-scale, efficient service Support mechanism, assembled a number of professional soldiers and other professional soldiers such as people’s network, Internet, signaling network, and voice network.

"Our team has established a full-scale communication and exchange mechanism from the Group’s Winter Olympics to the land and maintenance personnel, and the working mechanism has guaranteed." Xie Shaofu, deputy general manager of Dongao Service Support team, said Xie Shaofeng, deputy general manager of North Region Operations, pointed out that The emergency alarm tips of the local core network have proposed to respond within 5 minutes, and the fast security emergency treatment plan for the solution is given within 1 hour.

In addition, the support team uses the intelligent data monitoring large screen developed by the North Region Operation Center. By breaking the data isolation of different types of network elements, different manufacturers network elements, it is convenient for the network data. Metaire analysis, while using automation wind control tools to achieve a rapid response to the abnormal abnormalities of various safety indicators of Hebei Province.

"On the basis of the overall capacity of the Group’s Winter Olympic Safety Safety, we have established internal security service procedures to ensure that the support work is fine and do." Xie Shaofu said.

Xiaomi 12 listing date file? Or bring a new small screen flagship model

Yesterday evening, the digital blogger @ è is very ballad to disclose a screenshot known as the "Millet House Sales Guide", where the road map points to: Double 12 will open on December 1st, new release will file 12 Month. At the same time, @ è is very ballad to ensure the authenticity of this document, it seems that there is no accident, the new product that is mentioned here should be Xiaomi 12.

Combined with the previous multi-explosive news, the new Xiaomi 12 series will continue high quality screen specifications, using micro-curved screen, equipped with Qualcomm Next Generation top flagship chip, Xia8 GEN1 chip, will adopt the design of the three plexes of CPU, of which the super large core frequency is 3.09 GHz, the large core frequency is 2.4GHz, the small core frequency is 1.8GHz, and the rabbit rabbit will break through millions of people. However, if the publisher is determined to be 28, Xiaomi should be a dead.

It is worth mentioning that the Xiaomi 12 series may also bring a new small mobile phone – Xiaomi 12X, the machine is compared to the flagship model, or casts a lot of peripheral parameters, such as the front screen resolution is equipped. Not 2k, but 1080p.

Although the screen size is not small, it is benefited from a narrower border, and the size of its fuselage should not be too large, and there is a small meter of Xiaomi 6. In the core configuration, it is not particularly powerful, or will be equipped with the Snapdragon 870 processor. This is a subkey processor, which is why Xiaomi 12X is one of the reasons for a second flagship. However, the Snapdragon 870 processor is not bad, no matter what is daily use or playing games.

Java reflex mechanism acquires the full structure of the runtime class

Field, Method, Constructor, Superclass, Interface, Annotation

? All interfaces implemented

? The parent class inherited

All constructor

All methods

Whole Field

Use reflection can be obtained:

1. All interfaces implemented

PUBLIC CLASS <?> GetInterfaces

Determine the interface or interface implemented by this object.

2. The parent class inherited

PUBLIC CLASS <? Super T> getsuperclass

Returns the Class of the parent class representing the entity (class, interface, basic type) represented by this Class.

3. All constructor

PUBLIC Constructor <T> getConstructors

Returns all public constructors of the classes represented by this Class object.

PUBLIC Constructor <T> getDeclaredConstructors

Returns all constructors of class declarations represented by this Class object.


? Get the modifier: public int getModifiers;

? Method name: public string getname;

Get the type of parameters: public class <?> GetparameterTypes;

4. All methods

Public Method getDeclaredMethods

Returns all methods for classes or interfaces represented by this Class object


Returns the method of publication of the class or interface represented by this Class object

Method class:

PUBLIC CLASS <?> GetReturntype acquires all return values

PUBLIC CLASS <?> getParameterTypes acquires all of the parameters

Public Int getModifiers get modifies

PUBLIC CLASS <?> getExceptionTypes acquired exception information

5. All Field

Public Field getFields

? Returns the PUBLIC of the class or interface represented by this Class object.

Public Field getDeclaredfields

? Returns all Field of the classes or interfaces represented by this Class object.

? Field method:

Public IntModifiers Returns this Field modifier in an integer

PUBLIC CLASS <?> gettype gets the property type of the Field

PUBLIC STRING GETNAME Returns the name of the Field.

6. ANNOTATION related

? Get Annotation (Class <T> AnnotationClass)

? GetDeclaredannotations

7. Wild related

8. Category package package getpackage


1. In the actual operation, the operation code of the information obtained is not often developed.

2. Be sure to be familiar with the role of java.lang.Reflect package, reflection mechanism.

3. How to get attributes, methods, names, modifiers, etc. of the constructor.