OPPO RENO7 Pro Review: Super Light Cat Eye Shooting

After upgrading more products, the RENO, which has changed from the R series, has also found its most good way: color value is supreme.

To start it, I look at it, look good (excellent design), it looks like I am fine (selfie).

This time, the latest OPPO Reno7 Pro revisited these two aesthetic pursuits, made a new upgrade. Next, let’s start from it.

Although the design of mobile phone is homogeneous, OPPO Reno has a unique and bright, which allows us to recognize the Reno model in the sea.

The design guides can be said to be the routine operation of OPPO Reno. In the Reno6 series, in order to achieve a sparkling "summer sunny" effect, the emergence of the drill 3.0 process is promoted.

The design inspiration of the Reno7 series owner’s color "Star Wish" should be from the natural scene from "Meteor Rain."

In order to "leave" on the back of the fuselage, OPPO chooses the secondary lithography on the basis of the crystal diamond process, introduces the industry’s first LDI star rain photolithography process, leaving 1.2 million on the glass backplane. The road width is not a fine raster line.

These fine raster lines created a grand-explosive meteor rain landscape, making a meat meteor shower, tentacles available.

With the double-layer double-plating process, the back of the Reno7 Pro can see that the cold and alternating gradient color is like a meteor shower, and the sky is still changing in the sky.

In addition, the grating texture created by Star Rain Lighting Process also brings a unique delicate and frosted touch, which can resist the erosion of fingerprints and oil, bringing long-lasting and comfortable grip.

▲ OPPO Find x3 Pro microscope under the back of the OPPO RENO7 PRO

OPPO Reno7 Pro Thermal steering uses the right angle in the right angle to add the design of the near-flat glass panel in the opposite side, and the view is more angularly distinct, and the bifunction of the surface of the matte surface is used in the straight side.

Although the Reno7 Pro uses the angularly distinctive straight scholar design, OPPO has added a CNC fine cutting step in the upper and lower sides of the box in the aluminum alloy, and the 2.5D micro-arc transition design of the front and anti-two-sided glass is used. The appearance is still available to provide a relatively rounded edge transition.

Moreover, the straight son of the grinding texture also enhances the stability of the grip, no hand, no hand, but it is very known.

Although the straight-edge design will make Reno7 Pro think more than the previous generation, the thickness of 7.45mm is actually a slightly thinner than Reno6 Pro’s 7.6mm thickness, plus Reno7 Pro machine about 180g Weight, the feeling of holding in the hand can be described in the "light" two words.

After the rear image module part, OPPO Reno7 Pro first adopted a laminated design of "Gull Integral", that is, the matte layer is suspended from the back of the fuselage layer, and there is also a layer of smooth and bright surface overlap together. . Moreover, there is also a ceramic lens wrapped in the matte layer to lift the lens scratch resistance.

As a "God of God" on the design of the whole machine, OPPO hides a unique "garage breathing lamp" in the 1mm polarized space of the rear imaging module.

Thanks to the "fiber hot technology" in the industry, OPPO can not only use this extremely narrow 1mm space, but the star cyclic breathing lamp has a discontinuation of the end of the back module. The lamp can be evenly lighted, and it is soft like a star ring.

The application scenarios of the breathing lamp mainly include information notifications (slowly flickering breathing lamps), and the caller reminder (fast flickering light effect), the state of charge (often lit). The user can set the "Star Ring Respi Light" in the system settings, such as the application that needs to be notified, and the time period illuminating the breathing lamp.

Give it a charge, look at this flashlight, it is in my eyes, it will really shine.

Amazing place, as well as the 6.55-inch OLED flexible screen on the front of the OPPO Reno7 Pro.

In addition to supporting the 90Hz screen refresh rate, its four-week border uses extremely narrow design, raising the screen to 92.8%, creating the effect of "positive full screen", bringing stronger view.

And on the basis of this screen size, further narrow the body area, slightly reduced the difficulty of single-handed control.

The straight-edge screen design is a very narrow border, which can be visually able to bring very shocking and immersive visual effects, which can be said to be the gospel of "straight screen enthusiasts".

Then, let’s take a look at us in Oppo Reno7 Pro, how good is it.

OPPO is again combined with Sony, and the depth is customized with a 32 million-pixel sensor IMX709, and the starters are loaded in the front lens of the OPPO Reno7 Pro. OPPO will "permanently exclusive" custom sensor, and call it "pre-supermodight cat eye lens."

The reason for the "Super Light Cat Eye" is naturally a photosensitive characteristic of the cat eye. As we all know, there is a similar mirror’s "clear blanket" reflective structure in front of the mirror. This is that the cat can only be seen in the six-third light volume of the cat. You can still have it in the dark light environment. Clear vision.

▲ OPPO RENO7 PRO shooting

The Reno7 Pro’s pre-cat eyeliner is joined the RGBW arrangement and algorithm of the self-developed, the purpose is to significantly lift the amount of light of the lens and enhance the imaging performance under the dark field. Simply, that is, dark light will be brighter, and less noise will be less.

OPPO and dark field scenes are more hard, it is no longer a good thing. Missing OPPO has been equipped on the OPPO R7 PLUS in 2015, it has been equipped with a process and core power of the process and core force that is still not mature at the time, and has not been further commercially available. However, obviously, OPPO did not give up the development direction of this technology.

On the OPPO Imaging Day in August this year, OPPO demonstrated the "RGBW Fire Sensor" technology based on 22nm process technology. This technology is now presented by the OPPO Reno7 series.

OPPO’s new generation of self-developed RGBW four-in-pixel fusion algorithm is introduced into 2 W pixels in each group, so that each pixel can have R (red), G (green), B (blue) And the recognition ability of the W (Mingdu) signal.

Since the W pixel does not bring any color, only the light sensation is only, the inclined amount is increased by 60%, and it is also reduced by 35% noise. Under dark light shooting scene, Reno7 Pro can make the screen more pure.

▲ The outdoor environment of the night, the face is weak, especially for mobile phone front lenses

In order to improve the efficiency of the algorithm, reduce hardware power consumption, OPPO to reach a deep partnership with Sony has written a series of algorithms such as self-developed quadratic pixel polymerization to the hardware of IMX709, forming an "image processing unit".

Not only let Reno7 Pro’s front cameras can preview imaging results in real time, but also automatically call the moonlight night view algorithm in dark light, and automatically call the Live HDR algorithm in reverse light.

More importantly, the algorithm is cured into the sensor, and the third party application can better call this sensor’s ability when calling the camera module. There are already a variety of applications (including WeChat and Zoom). It can effectively improve video call quality.

In the female child, the front camera viewfinder of the OPPO Reno7 Pro exhibited a high brightness preview screen, which is clearly visible. In the supersight cat eye shot, you only need to manage the expression in the screen, and then you can press the shutter button in confidence.

▲ OPPO RENO7 Pro front camera shooting, default auto mode / AI scene open / flash off

In addition, it may be because of the joining of the W pixel point, but the face makeup can not only be clearly bright and bright, but the color of the portrait has become white and very natural, bright.

▲ OPPO RENO7 Pro front camera shooting, portrait mode / AI scene open / portrait spot filter / flash off

Of course, in the dark environment, the famous RENO "Portrait Spot" filter can also be used smoothly. The new generation technology brings a sequential composition of the AI ??hair, which can be finely highlighted, and even the originth of the filament is clear. It can be seen, but also build a depth spot spot effect under large aperture lenses, and it is full of atmosphere.

If you really think that the ambient light is extremely dim, we can open the "flash" feature of the front camera, the screen will adjust to the highest brightness, and lit a white background to act as a fill light, illuminate your face.

In addition, the new "nude makeup" beauty algorithm on the OPPO Reno6 series, and the Ai Renewality 2.0 and other technologies have also been performed perfectly by the reno7 pro.

Clear nature should be the first view of the OPPO Reno7 Pro portrait photo and the video gives people.

Reno7 Pro built-in beauty algorgage can accurately identify the user’s facial position, and in the case of retaining the skin texture, accurately eliminate the possibility of the face, there is absolutely will not mistake the beauty to make acne cleaning, and finally reflect Out of a natural aesthetic effect.

It is especially obvious that the progress of the OPPO Reno7 PRO-like light spot filter is very large. The distinction between the main body and the background is more accurate compared to the previous generation, and the effect is more natural.

The "Emotional Filter" function is also provided in portrait mode, and the application of people ‘s split algorithm optimizes the skin color, while increasing the background of the background light source, and cutting personalized emotional expression.

The "Beauty" function in the Reno7 Pro portrait is a special characteristic that the little sister experiences after the experience. The rich makeup options provided by the portrait camera can automatically put a piece of makeup "stickers" on your face, let you automatically paint the eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick, nose, blush, and even automatic Stick the sequins near the eyes.

▲ OPPO RENO7 PRO’s beauty imaging effect, received a high praise of the little sister

With this "AI Beauty" function, the little fairy woke up in the morning, and when it is placed on his face, it can take a self-contained "Good Morning Worker". Energy friends circle Selfie or video.

The beauty algorithm mentioned above can basically be applied to portrait video shooting. Portrait video section, Reno7 Pro has been optimized for night scenery, backlight, blur, spot, beauty and other aspects, helping users to shoot textured video.

It should be noted that the beauty and RGBW pixel four-in-one algorithms are optimized around the front camera, while the post camera is slightly inferior to face optimization, some portrait functions are also exclusive by the front camera.

After the rear camera part, OPPO Reno7 Pro is equipped with a 50-megapixel IMX766 CMOS as a wide-angle main photo, and there is an 8 megapixel super wide-angle lens and a 2 million pixel macro lens.

This IMX766 is also an OPPO and Sony co-customized sensor, which has 1 / 1.56-inch photosensitive area, F / 1.8 aperture, which has been loaded by a variety of OPPO flagship models, is a long-term tuning and consumer market. Flagship sensor tested.

It is worth mentioning that the spotlight of the main photo is more than the previous generation, and the same position can accommodate a broader landscape.

▲ is taken by the OPPO Reno7 Pro rear mirror group, and some pictures are compressed due to site upload restrictions.

From the perspective, the performance of Reno7 Pro can be satisfied, and the color performance is maintained in an excellent level. Whether it is a sufficient scene of the daylight, it is a scene of night darklight, and the performance of the back main photo is large. use. The AI ??scenario enhancement algorithm tends to see the eyeballs to see some scenes according to some of the scenes, and will increase the color saturation of some pictures.

Only the lack of telephoto lenses, the main burden of imaging is placed on the main photo, and the zoom in the scenery needs to be cut on the basis of 50 million pixel main photos. When shooting the vision, the analysis of the parsing and texture will be slightly It is insufficient.

Finally, let’s take a look at the configuration section. OPPO Reno7 Pro is equipped with the 6nm process process, which supports UFS3.1 flash, up to 12 + 256GB configuration versions.

The fluency naturally used in everyday use, facing some mainstream large mobile games, such as the "King Glory" and "League of Legends" in the MOBA class, Reno7 Pro can achieve "full frame" status; "Original God" is relatively high, and there is also a smooth operation. The average frame rate is about 50fps. Only some of the frames occasionally on the relatively complex picture scenario.

Reno7 Pro supports the "Extreme Steady Frame" function, allows the phone to automatically transfer system performance management according to real-time frame rate, temperature, etc. to ensure that the front game can run smoothly. Plus the VC homogeneous plate inside the body, its temperature control is not bad, after the high pressure is running, the body temperature is only a warm heat.

It is worth mentioning that OPPO Reno7 Pro has passed the test certification of the League of Legends Mobile Tour Event Machines, becoming a 2021 League of Legends mobile game event.

Within the body of a thin 7.45 mm, a large battery with 4500 mAh is equipped. At the same time, support 65W VOOC super flashing, 20 minutes can charge the battery to 80%, and can be filled with the battery about 30 minutes.

Keep the value is supreme, and it is slightly smooth, which is the impression of this version of OPPO Reno7 Pro. For me, light and staminated straight sides of the box design plus a nice narrow edge box straight screen, directly in the sense of touch.

On the other hand, in addition to the upgrade of the design, the startup of the custom RGBW front cat eye super sensation lens, is also the brightest place in Reno7 Pro.

From Reno 5 AI Video Beauty to Reno6 AI Video Makeup and Spotstown, and now the Reno7 series is now enhanced by self-study algorithm and custom RGBW sensors, OPPO Reno has always running on portrait video tracks.# Opporeno7 series #

Supor rice cooker is good? Is there a specific product recommendation?

Author: big white will

Enjoying food can always make people feel happy, but a table delicious dish does not have a bowl of fragrant rice, I always feel that there is something short. As a "dry rice person", I personally on the requirements of rice, a bowl of good rice, grain full of q ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Not least.

Now the brand of rice cookers is very much. Many people are very tangled when they choose. Some people think that the old card is safe. Some people think that the new brand is new. My family has used Supor rice cooker, and I have changed it in the middle. The back is changed. The individual feels that Supor is more focused on the process of entering the smart field, and their focus is still in the traditional chassis. Heating on rice cooker, made of rice doubles. Guaranteed the quality of cooking, followed by other AI features, take the most of the rice rice cookers used in our house, the most heart of water.

1, Supor far-infrared rice rice cooker SF40HC88

It may be a gene influence engraved in the bones, inexplicably paying attention to rice, sometimes going out to eat, and spit several times. I personally really feel that the white rice of the staple is irreplaceable. Some people eat noodles, and the steamed buns can. I am a little uncomfortable and eat, too bad. A rice cooker has been used for a long time, the effect of cooking

Will be big, regular replacement is necessary, recently taking advantage of the home appliances, and thinking about a long time, the ultimate high quality Supor far-infrared kettle rice cooker is replaced by my side, "dry rice people" soul tour NS.

The design of this rice cooker is a little senior. The color of champagne gold is full, and it is very textured. If the above is not a bright written word, it will be doubtful on the dressing table as a jewelry box. The surface of the hook is 3mm tempered glass panel, beautiful and durable, high-definition development interface is simple, and the touch button is very sensitive. There will be no old-fashioned buttons to be poked. When cleaning, use the rag to gently rub It is very convenient to clean.

There is also its 4L gate, this island, quantity! The family of five is applicable. The liner shape imitates the shape of the rural caulfin fire stove, which uses 8 layers of composite material. It is very textured. It feels a bit sinking, and the thermal conductivity is very powerful, and the working temperature reaches 103 ° C. The traditional bottom heating will be a steady state because there is no confidential inverted inverted, while the 100W top is far infrared, 1300W bottom IH fire force stereo surround heating method, direct miles more The grain rice is uniform, and it is good to excite the rice.

I started very curious, why did you eat for so long? It turns out before the fire, it will pass a procedure: 38 ° C constant temperature for 28 minutes. The NTC will always monitor the temperature in the pot, the water moisture is soaked, and each grain can "drink sat", rejuvenate the rice core, so the rice cooked can be soft Q bounce, sweet and delicious.

I used to go back to my hometown, I can always eat a few bowls of rice, and the elders laugh. I usually eat enough. This is not, mainly the rice burned out of the old home, always feels special incense. After coming to the city, I rarely eat, most smart rice cookers are fire fire, the small fire is automatically reduced, and it is called The nominal of cooking is to do, this lost the most primitive wild, and I chose the main reason for this juice – Chai Fire.

After soaking, the rice particles are absorbed and saturated. At this time, the "firewood rice" mode is switched. At this time, there is no water-absorbent process. The fire is boiled, and the simulation is completely a form of burns, short time rice. The cooked is not angled, and it will not be dehydrated during the process of change in the wind. The cooked rice is more soft. This taste is more memorable.

The light is that the cooking function is already very powerful, according to the rice species, silk seedlings, five-regime, etc., precisely different rice varieties, the best taste. In addition to cooking, there are 23 functions, stews, porridge, no water, bake, steamed style! The microwave, the oven steamer is eliminated, and the kitchen space is made a lot. The details are also very thoughtful, the anti-overflow valve makes the process of cooking completely without the troubles of the cooker, detachable the inside of the body, and the pot cover of the rice juice is removed by simply rinse. .

The inadequacination is that the control panel has less children’s lock. Sometimes it is not careful to jump to other functions during the course. If it can improve it, it is still very suitable for me this. "Dry rice people".

2, Supor electric pressure pot ball kettle double gallbladder

For older generations, high-pressure cookers are their essential cookware, cooking, pressing pig hooves, porridge, steamed sweet potatoes … Sometimes I will not be willing to change my rice pot. However, traditional open-fire high pressure cookers are very safe and hidden: there is no heat insulation protection, it will be burnt, and the venting valve is easy to be burnt in the process of venting the valve. The most sad is not too boiled. Sometimes people are not Next, the porridge water is spilled everywhere, and it is very troublesome to clean, and there is an occasional high pressure pot explosion event.

So, give the best gift to stick to the high-pressure pan, it is to replace the Supor electric pressure cooker in the open fire high pressure pan, and the cooking roast is not the difference between the fire. 5L’s giant Macon, especially during the New Year, receive friends and relatives, and delicious is full of Hi.

This high-pressure pot is matched with two materials, and all the daughters are exciting. Tao Jing bowl, surface non-stick layer, wear-resistant cleaning, bottom curved surrounded by large firepower, top gold 62 degrees roller angle, circulation is boiling, the rice granules pass abuts more, and the heat is uniform. Rice hardness, softness can be selected, different kinds of rice, porridge AI intelligent formation, to get the most satisfactory taste.

The refined iron kettle is better, the heat is better, used to soup, the stew is the most suitable, 70kpa pressure is a hard dish is not average. Whole process: microstat-low pressure – high pressure – medium pressure – pressure This is the hardened of their necessaries, and the collagen is full of red pigs, the whole black chicken soup, really don’t need too much cookware to burn out a table of good dishes!

The old man often takes the door to practice Tai Chi. If you come back late, you have to eat all kinds of cloth. This high-pressure pot only needs to put the material in advance, make an appointment in advance, your parents are finished, you can return home. There is a soup pad, and then prepare a light tissue again, and the health retirement of the two will be completed.

Compared to the open fire pressure cooker, this high pressure pot is safely certified, can be easily opened without a single-handed opening knob, and the upper cover does not fit the machine will not work, which avoids the upper cover The risk of strict, pressurized process explosion. The exhaust valve is also a button operation, avoid burns, intimate and safe, no longer have to worry about the parents’ removal of the barrel to remove the barrel valve to be steamed. The detachable seal is very good, and there is no side leakage in two years.

Because the open fire hyperbar pot is to open the juice when stewing pig’s trotters, it is often necessary to directly turn down to open the cover, and the risk is very. Supor’s electric pressure cooker is very warm, automatically relocated after the stewed completion, open the juice light, you can rest assured to open the cover, lock, stew, stew! It will be a bit noisy when you are cooking, but it is much better than a lot of pressure cookers. Such a high-pressure pot is very assured to your parents.

For so many years, the individual thinks that Supor’s rice cooker is still trustworthy. Although the rice cooker is a relatively general kitchen appliance, but the good rice cooker can not only replace the microwave, steamed home appliance, but also a long time. .

Really convincingly, it focuses on cooking, will not ignore the essence of cooking, cooking, firewood rice, pot rice, all the needs, and Supor, This is my most reliable. For those in the 50-180s, the rice made from Supor is like returning to a beautiful and happy time.

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I thought IOS animation was invincible, until I met Xiaomi 11ULTRA

I acknowledge that IOS’s animation gives people feel rich and delicate. It is also very good, I have been loved by fruit powder, but today I found that the transition animation of the Android camp is not good! To be honest, I will also be like everyone, I think that iOS animation is invincible, I feel that there should be nothing to do with its animation? Until today I experienced the Xiaomi 11 Ultra, the Android camp, after Huawei P50 Pro mobile phone, I found the original transition animation to do more than apple ios.

The first is the animation of rice 11 Ultra, which gives people a feeling of slow (slow) animation, and does not fall frame, especially the application exits to the desktop. It is simply a kind of enjoyment, and also match some dynamic icons. Looks at it. It can be said that the 11 Ultra animation not only looks comfortable, but also highs, the operation logic is human, and there is also a small frame, so the experience can be made up with Apple iOS. The only feeling that needs to improve is the stability of the system, but I guess the next Miui13 system will solve this difficult.

Secondly, Huawei P50 Pro, because the cause of the Hong Kong system is upgraded, so transition animation is more delicate than the past Emui system, and it is still very smooth. After the animation of Hongmeng, after 1.25X, the animation transition is slightly slow, but it seems to be more texture, there is a feeling of fine, as if I have opened it. (But remind, 1.25x animation, developer mode can’t change, you need to pass the ADB to connect computer to modify it)

It can be said that the new Hong Kong animation details have compared the previous EMUI as a comprehensive improvement, (at least the time to follow the time) characteristic function does not say, fluency, stability rose a step, and the only thing that needs improvement is more The cartoon exhaled by the task is hard, not as flexible, 11u. However, I believe that these later, it will be improved, after all, the current Hongmeng has just begun.

All in all, personal thinking of the rice 11 Ultra, P50P animation, is not inferior to iOS animation, and even in some places detailed animation, and this is what I didn’t expect. Finally, I feel that 11u and p50 pro are a bit opposite, a hardware cow B, the system is generally, a hardware is general (in this price) system software cow, it feels very interesting.