Supor rice cooker is good? Is there a specific product recommendation?

Author: big white will

Enjoying food can always make people feel happy, but a table delicious dish does not have a bowl of fragrant rice, I always feel that there is something short. As a "dry rice person", I personally on the requirements of rice, a bowl of good rice, grain full of q ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Not least.

Now the brand of rice cookers is very much. Many people are very tangled when they choose. Some people think that the old card is safe. Some people think that the new brand is new. My family has used Supor rice cooker, and I have changed it in the middle. The back is changed. The individual feels that Supor is more focused on the process of entering the smart field, and their focus is still in the traditional chassis. Heating on rice cooker, made of rice doubles. Guaranteed the quality of cooking, followed by other AI features, take the most of the rice rice cookers used in our house, the most heart of water.

1, Supor far-infrared rice rice cooker SF40HC88

It may be a gene influence engraved in the bones, inexplicably paying attention to rice, sometimes going out to eat, and spit several times. I personally really feel that the white rice of the staple is irreplaceable. Some people eat noodles, and the steamed buns can. I am a little uncomfortable and eat, too bad. A rice cooker has been used for a long time, the effect of cooking

Will be big, regular replacement is necessary, recently taking advantage of the home appliances, and thinking about a long time, the ultimate high quality Supor far-infrared kettle rice cooker is replaced by my side, "dry rice people" soul tour NS.

The design of this rice cooker is a little senior. The color of champagne gold is full, and it is very textured. If the above is not a bright written word, it will be doubtful on the dressing table as a jewelry box. The surface of the hook is 3mm tempered glass panel, beautiful and durable, high-definition development interface is simple, and the touch button is very sensitive. There will be no old-fashioned buttons to be poked. When cleaning, use the rag to gently rub It is very convenient to clean.

There is also its 4L gate, this island, quantity! The family of five is applicable. The liner shape imitates the shape of the rural caulfin fire stove, which uses 8 layers of composite material. It is very textured. It feels a bit sinking, and the thermal conductivity is very powerful, and the working temperature reaches 103 ° C. The traditional bottom heating will be a steady state because there is no confidential inverted inverted, while the 100W top is far infrared, 1300W bottom IH fire force stereo surround heating method, direct miles more The grain rice is uniform, and it is good to excite the rice.

I started very curious, why did you eat for so long? It turns out before the fire, it will pass a procedure: 38 ° C constant temperature for 28 minutes. The NTC will always monitor the temperature in the pot, the water moisture is soaked, and each grain can "drink sat", rejuvenate the rice core, so the rice cooked can be soft Q bounce, sweet and delicious.

I used to go back to my hometown, I can always eat a few bowls of rice, and the elders laugh. I usually eat enough. This is not, mainly the rice burned out of the old home, always feels special incense. After coming to the city, I rarely eat, most smart rice cookers are fire fire, the small fire is automatically reduced, and it is called The nominal of cooking is to do, this lost the most primitive wild, and I chose the main reason for this juice – Chai Fire.

After soaking, the rice particles are absorbed and saturated. At this time, the "firewood rice" mode is switched. At this time, there is no water-absorbent process. The fire is boiled, and the simulation is completely a form of burns, short time rice. The cooked is not angled, and it will not be dehydrated during the process of change in the wind. The cooked rice is more soft. This taste is more memorable.

The light is that the cooking function is already very powerful, according to the rice species, silk seedlings, five-regime, etc., precisely different rice varieties, the best taste. In addition to cooking, there are 23 functions, stews, porridge, no water, bake, steamed style! The microwave, the oven steamer is eliminated, and the kitchen space is made a lot. The details are also very thoughtful, the anti-overflow valve makes the process of cooking completely without the troubles of the cooker, detachable the inside of the body, and the pot cover of the rice juice is removed by simply rinse. .

The inadequacination is that the control panel has less children’s lock. Sometimes it is not careful to jump to other functions during the course. If it can improve it, it is still very suitable for me this. "Dry rice people".

2, Supor electric pressure pot ball kettle double gallbladder

For older generations, high-pressure cookers are their essential cookware, cooking, pressing pig hooves, porridge, steamed sweet potatoes … Sometimes I will not be willing to change my rice pot. However, traditional open-fire high pressure cookers are very safe and hidden: there is no heat insulation protection, it will be burnt, and the venting valve is easy to be burnt in the process of venting the valve. The most sad is not too boiled. Sometimes people are not Next, the porridge water is spilled everywhere, and it is very troublesome to clean, and there is an occasional high pressure pot explosion event.

So, give the best gift to stick to the high-pressure pan, it is to replace the Supor electric pressure cooker in the open fire high pressure pan, and the cooking roast is not the difference between the fire. 5L’s giant Macon, especially during the New Year, receive friends and relatives, and delicious is full of Hi.

This high-pressure pot is matched with two materials, and all the daughters are exciting. Tao Jing bowl, surface non-stick layer, wear-resistant cleaning, bottom curved surrounded by large firepower, top gold 62 degrees roller angle, circulation is boiling, the rice granules pass abuts more, and the heat is uniform. Rice hardness, softness can be selected, different kinds of rice, porridge AI intelligent formation, to get the most satisfactory taste.

The refined iron kettle is better, the heat is better, used to soup, the stew is the most suitable, 70kpa pressure is a hard dish is not average. Whole process: microstat-low pressure – high pressure – medium pressure – pressure This is the hardened of their necessaries, and the collagen is full of red pigs, the whole black chicken soup, really don’t need too much cookware to burn out a table of good dishes!

The old man often takes the door to practice Tai Chi. If you come back late, you have to eat all kinds of cloth. This high-pressure pot only needs to put the material in advance, make an appointment in advance, your parents are finished, you can return home. There is a soup pad, and then prepare a light tissue again, and the health retirement of the two will be completed.

Compared to the open fire pressure cooker, this high pressure pot is safely certified, can be easily opened without a single-handed opening knob, and the upper cover does not fit the machine will not work, which avoids the upper cover The risk of strict, pressurized process explosion. The exhaust valve is also a button operation, avoid burns, intimate and safe, no longer have to worry about the parents’ removal of the barrel to remove the barrel valve to be steamed. The detachable seal is very good, and there is no side leakage in two years.

Because the open fire hyperbar pot is to open the juice when stewing pig’s trotters, it is often necessary to directly turn down to open the cover, and the risk is very. Supor’s electric pressure cooker is very warm, automatically relocated after the stewed completion, open the juice light, you can rest assured to open the cover, lock, stew, stew! It will be a bit noisy when you are cooking, but it is much better than a lot of pressure cookers. Such a high-pressure pot is very assured to your parents.

For so many years, the individual thinks that Supor’s rice cooker is still trustworthy. Although the rice cooker is a relatively general kitchen appliance, but the good rice cooker can not only replace the microwave, steamed home appliance, but also a long time. .

Really convincingly, it focuses on cooking, will not ignore the essence of cooking, cooking, firewood rice, pot rice, all the needs, and Supor, This is my most reliable. For those in the 50-180s, the rice made from Supor is like returning to a beautiful and happy time.

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Java reflex mechanism acquires the full structure of the runtime class

Field, Method, Constructor, Superclass, Interface, Annotation

? All interfaces implemented

? The parent class inherited

All constructor

All methods

Whole Field

Use reflection can be obtained:

1. All interfaces implemented

PUBLIC CLASS <?> GetInterfaces

Determine the interface or interface implemented by this object.

2. The parent class inherited

PUBLIC CLASS <? Super T> getsuperclass

Returns the Class of the parent class representing the entity (class, interface, basic type) represented by this Class.

3. All constructor

PUBLIC Constructor <T> getConstructors

Returns all public constructors of the classes represented by this Class object.

PUBLIC Constructor <T> getDeclaredConstructors

Returns all constructors of class declarations represented by this Class object.


? Get the modifier: public int getModifiers;

? Method name: public string getname;

Get the type of parameters: public class <?> GetparameterTypes;

4. All methods

Public Method getDeclaredMethods

Returns all methods for classes or interfaces represented by this Class object


Returns the method of publication of the class or interface represented by this Class object

Method class:

PUBLIC CLASS <?> GetReturntype acquires all return values

PUBLIC CLASS <?> getParameterTypes acquires all of the parameters

Public Int getModifiers get modifies

PUBLIC CLASS <?> getExceptionTypes acquired exception information

5. All Field

Public Field getFields

? Returns the PUBLIC of the class or interface represented by this Class object.

Public Field getDeclaredfields

? Returns all Field of the classes or interfaces represented by this Class object.

? Field method:

Public IntModifiers Returns this Field modifier in an integer

PUBLIC CLASS <?> gettype gets the property type of the Field

PUBLIC STRING GETNAME Returns the name of the Field.

6. ANNOTATION related

? Get Annotation (Class <T> AnnotationClass)

? GetDeclaredannotations

7. Wild related

8. Category package package getpackage


1. In the actual operation, the operation code of the information obtained is not often developed.

2. Be sure to be familiar with the role of java.lang.Reflect package, reflection mechanism.

3. How to get attributes, methods, names, modifiers, etc. of the constructor.

GeForce RTX 3090 TI: NVIDIA fastest RTX card to get 21 GBPS GDDR6X

GPDR6x speed upgrade has been a long time, and now 21 Gbps should be used. The first application area will be the expected new flagship, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti, is expected to be in January 2022.

Technical specifications can be clear from the product code of New Melware. The last digit usually represents an effective clock rate – in this case 21 Gbps. Beautiful light has its own decoder to explain each letter or number.

Previous GDDR6X memory per chip only 8 Gbit (256 * 32), 1 gbyte, new chip can double to 16 Gbit, ie 2 gbyte, like 16 Gbit (512 * 32) classic GDDR6 decoder description. For 24 GB graphics cards, this means that the desired chip is hit from 24 to 12, so the rear of the RTX 3090 Ti can remain unqualified – future alternatives or even 48 GB variants, but more likely It is a professional area. The official website has a higher speed, but there is only 8Gbit chips.

Since summer, there have been rumors that NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 TI will refresh the product portfolio, become a new pioneer in the graphics card, and may lead to Ampere Geforce RTX 3000 Series "Refresh". First, a fully developed GA102 has a 10,752 shaders, and both sides are faster graphical memory.

Even if the GPU’s clock behavior is currently unknown, full expansion and faster memory will consume power. This may be 450 watts. This value is new for official solutions, but the partner card has been used with classic RTX 3090 with the same wattage.

Live tape is hot, but there is no imagination to make money

Editor’s Initiative: Under the epidemic, live band is extremely hot. Whether it is a live broadcast of the net red belt or the owner of the company, the five flowers are all. Why is so many brands start broadcasting goods? Don’t you really make money? After two or three years of ultra-high-speed development, what is the live band industry? I believe that everyone is very confused, this article launches these issues, and interested friends will come and see.

China’s Internet is a tone, and the Chinese smell is also unusual, not so much curved, as long as you look at the new track that can earn big money, you will have a big capital and talent. The live broadcast of the year has become the biggest wind.

From the four major portals, 3Q wars, thousands of groups, taking a truck war, takeaway war, as long as it is a new style of the Internet industry, it is not attractive to capital, useLoswardlyMethod, wait until the circle is almost the same,I smiled and waved the sickle to start cutting the leek.

Recently a hot text"The end of the Internet is e-commerce"Detached social networks, from traditional Taobao Jingdong spent a lot of new hanging tricks, WeChat, Xiaohong book, drip, Zhizhi also started to sell, even the APP of the country is gradually played in addition to their business business. E-commerce business.

During this time, the live broadcast of the firewood is not much different from well-known anchor Zhu Xihui (Sydney), Lin Shanshan is suspected of stealing taxes, and the two need to pay taxes, and the retaining gold is fined about 65.55 million yuan and 27.67 million yuan. With such a high tax and penalty, then business revenue can know that it is calculated as a billion.

Well-known entrepreneurs believe that many people have heard of many people.Luo YonghaoThe wind is from the water, and the three-year payment is 60 billion debt.Li GuoqingSelf-proclaimed department store rivers and lakes, it is good.Yu MinhongExit the field of education, with the most core hundred teachers temporarily "transfer the agricultural products" e-commerce industry.

After two or three years of ultra-high-speed development, what happened to live goods industry,Today, Xiao Ge will talk to you through some things you see.

First, from the object to be gathered, to people with a population, from the core of the product into traffic

Twenty years ago, on the shelves of the supermarket, various items were placed in a variety of goods. They were placed in order, and they were placed in a row of food, restaurants, tools areas, snacks, Hardware districts, etc.Each item has been labeled with respective tags.

Today, when people put more time on the e-commerce platform, when you open a shopping app, all kinds of different goods are lost in front of you, even if the live broadcast, you can still do thousands of people.Because everyone has been put on their respective labelsYou are a quaternary girl, I am a middle-aged uncle, she is an old age retirement worker.

If you still have a good job at this time, you don’t know how to get appropriate users, that business is estimated to do for a long time.

You must know that in today’s era, production capacity is basically excess, people’s shopping needs are no longer there, but it is good, I don’t like it. Whether it is wholesale or retail, you mustTake the potential customer for the first principal, Under the premise of exception of product quality,Thinking the path of communication is the right thing.

A friend of Xiaogong is a golden Chinese. There are many relatives in the local area to be a supply chain. I think that I can live in the goods, so I have three teams, and each team is five people. It has been done for half a year, loss More than 100,000, usually selling seasonal products, each product is started, sold for a while, rewinding the new product in the past season.

Occasionally, but it is not sustainable, continuous replacement, and for the company, there is no user to precipitate. It must understand that the live broadcast must understand: Sell is only a means of changing, and the traffic is the key.

Tophbus,7 points, 3 points to do, More flowers are put on the choice, rather than selling what to sell, to drive the preferences of fans, and study the psychology of fans to improve the entire selection system.

Second, the conversion rate of live broadcast goods is not as high as you think

Live e-commerce is mainly interested, by stimulating user shopping interests, the conversion rate will be low compared to traditional shelves search for e-commerce.In stock first and then invited to buywithFirst buy a reappearanceIt is a completely two different shopping logic, which is also the greatest reason.

A friend of a brand is from Taobao. In the past two years, it has built a team to make a trembled live band, according to him,There is only one bit number in the conversion rate of hanging, and Taobao’s conversion is two digits.

Raminated this content platform has large traffic,But there is no shoppingTherefore, it is relatively difficult to convert to shopping.

Compared with Taobao, the live band of trembling is more needed to set up IP support."Without quality content, do not do the essence of live goods."

From avatar, nickname, personal introduction, short video content, top picture, shop score, user evaluation, will affect the conversion rate between live broadcast, which is determined by the platform "interest e-commerce", which is more than Traditional e-commerce has moreImpact factor.

Brand’s friends think about a lot of ways, please come outside the company to lecture, how to promote the employees of all business lines to improve business KPI, after three times, improve the improvement, and finally gave up from the outside The proposal of the helper, focusing on internal replications and uses the reward strategy, and the effects currently achieved are not bad.

Third, there is traffic, it is not necessarily successful, and the user is precise is the fundamental element.

Now as long as you do live goods, you want to do it, you must buy traffic, traffic is very mystery, as long as you spend money, traffic is basically coming in, but as can be transformed, except for an excellent pitcher, you have to watch live The overall undertaking capability.

Generally, a live broadcast should build dozens of plans, each plan is a bit different, is to identify the most accurate traffic, and after dozens of games, maybe you can find the best part of the traffic.

I have heard a point of view recently.channelIt is the scale of precision users.In the eyes of the little brother, the perfect channel is the right user to enter the live broadcast between the right time to see the items of interest.

So the little brother said that the live band is a time and space, there is no previous demand, and it will not come to the transaction of this life.

What we have to do is let users talk, of course it is impossible to use mouth, but use behavior, transform behavior into data, and the common hobbies they have, and take the user common psychology, you can set it in user orientation. When it is very accurately removed from users who belong to high conversion rates.

Fourth, the key to grasp the traffic is to activate the desire

You must have heard that the live ROI of some industries is only 1 point, that is, the order is stable, but according to the truth of "buying is not as sold", the merchant wants to make money, earning it is repurchant. money. Friends with a snack industry, they are in the live broadcast, except for selling,Very focused on booting users’ repurchase behaviors.

The most original method is of course adding attention, adding the fan group, when the next time, the system is recommended when the software is just opening the software.

Then it is a fan group, whether it is an official group, or a private domain, you must do it, or even mailing goods can also guide the fans, using professional software, do word of mouth and content, and brush the existence from time to time. , Fans have demand, I will think of your goods in your home.

Finally, it is also a commodity pricing strategy. How long after a purchase, you can get some equity, whether it is cash reward or member welfare, you can try it. If you can build a member system, then it is fine.

5. Final: Any industry, only becoming the head to live best

In this era of all things, I recently saw that the lawyers were broadcast live, Double Eleven Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya’s record believes that as long as it is in this industry, the third place and the results after the backup, do not The value is mentioned.

Once a certain industry is overheating, people go too much, and finally the winner will have one or two, then the extra talent will be surplus, the inner volume will be produced, the word inner volume has been deeply rooted in the heart, even Internet big factory, don’t work hard, I am really afraid that one day is optimized. How can I be steady on the Diaoyutai, not the fish on the cutting board?

Winner is eaten, in any industry, in addition to some national monopoly industries, other industries, a large or secondary world is the most common, and the Matthew law tells us that strong people are constant, so,Only becoming the head to live best.

Individual is also the same,Become the ultimates of a certain fieldIt will be steadily sitting on the Diaoyutai, a technology, whether it is working or entrepreneurship, you can hold the sky.

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The title is from PEXELS, based on the CC0 protocol.

Within 800 yuan, the duration of telephoto / Samsung high brush, 2021 Q4 is worth starting to "soil garbage" recommended (2)

Author: Sen_

According to the price division, the last phase introduced the "soil garbage" worth recommending recommended by 300-600 yuan. This budget is added to 700-800 yuan. It is basically free to buy the mainstream flagship in 2019, and Samsung E3 is high.Brush screen, Sony IMX586 main photo, and diving telephoto, etc. are now still in popular technical configuration.

Of course, Huawei mobile phone is an exception. Since some reason, Huawei flying high, but I have a total of 1000-1500 yuan price, Huawei can upgrade Harmonyos 2 flagship is very cost-effective.


Price: 700 yuan

Sellings: 龙 855, 48MP IMX586 main photo, Samsung AMOLED full screen, 4000mAh battery 27W fast charge

Redmi K20 PRO is the first flagship product launched after REDMI brand, which is full of REDMI brands. In that year, Redmi K20 PRO is designed or in battery capacity, and it is necessary to press Xiaomi 9 (Xiaomi 9 batteries only 3300mAh, One of the endless Snapdragon 855 mobile phones, this is why Redmi K20 PRO has become a true flagship in 2019.

At the same time, there is also a rumor. Because the hot sale of Redmi K20 PRO passed the millet digital series, there is a provision, and the rear REDMI K series stack can not exceed the millet digital series, which is why he has always emphasized the "Qiqi Ship Dare Ko" Redmi REDMI K30 Pro Ko is almost millet 10, RedMi K40 Pro Ko is almost Xiaomi 11 … Always cut a knife near the perfect configuration.

In addition to the trend of high refresh rate, Redmi K20 Pro is definitely one of the most worthy of the flagship machine that year.


Price: 750 yuan

Sellings: 龙 855 Plus, 64MP S5kgw1 Main photo, Samsung E3 90Hz high brush screen, 50W fast charge

It is very conquer that REDMI is now in China’s largest opponent Realme, also begins in China.

The RealMe X2 Pro selling point for 90 Hz Sanji passengers in the second half of 2019 is the 90Hz OLED high-brush straight screen exclusive in 2019, getting 2021, still stronger than a lot of thousands. Other compare the configuration of the user experience also includes UFS 3.0 flash memory, Z-axis linear motor and duplex, and the like.

However, comparison OPPO RENO ACE, one plus 7T, Realme X2 Pro, main photo is not the IMX586 of the flagship of the year, but is a higher pixel Samsung S5kgw1; charging, 50W Supervooc 1.0, more 7T, but not as good as Reno ACE, it is entirely full of 31 minutes.


Price: 800 yuan

Sellings: 龙 855, 48MP IMX586 main photo, Samsung AMOLED full screen, 5 times, long focus, X-axis linear motor

Today, the Reno series has been released to the 7th generation of products, and we seem to witness the Euro ring that OPPO wants to jump out of the R series of eucalyptus but gradually return to the R series.

In the latest Oppo Reno7 series, we have seen the design of the Reno iconic ceramic ball and dolphins finned lift lens. Said to go back to the product itself, because of the lifting structure, the OPPO Reno 10x zoom version of the screen is 93.1%, and there is a relatively few preamplite lane on the previous mode group.

In its name, the biggest selling point of OPPO RENO 10 times is the back this baked telephoto lens. The Sensor behind the Samsung is Samsung’s S5K3M5. The OPPO Reno series of initial products are still rare to give the rear camera module. Fortunate.


Price: 800 yuan

Selling points: Kirin 980, Samsung AMOLED screen, 48MP Sony IMX582 main photo, 40W fast charge, upgrade HARMONYOS 2

Although the 800 yuan price is not touched by Huawei’s MATE series and P series double flagship, but still can also consider the princess Nova series of Huawei.

Although in 2019, Huawei has already hosted a list of US sanctions, but the production of the unicorn chip is not limited. After connecting two unicorn 970, Huawei gives Nova 5 Pro to arrange the Mate20 series P30 series of unicorn 980 chip.

The rear 48MP Sony IMX582, slightly in the same period IMX586, support Huawei’s own 40W fast charge, and Huawei superfinct file system and Huawei Ark compiler, and now rare, Huawei will use Samsung’s OLED screen.

The most important thing is that Huawei pushed Harmonyos 2 official version for Nova 5 Pro, which was also the most cost-effective model of the introduction of Harmonyos 2.


Price: 800 yuan

Sellings: 龙 855 Plus, Samsung AMOLED Polarity full screen, rear 48MP Sony IMX586 main photo

The final generation of non-excavated screens in the full-scale era, with a dream unicorn color and rare white front panel, I don’t know how many young men’s charm.

The configured android flagship, Snapdragon 855 Plus, Samsung OLED screen, IMX586 main photo, and Meizu signboard X-axis motor.

The thickness is only 7.65mm, the weight is 166g, and the battery capacity has progress compared to the previous generation 16S, the capacity reaches 3600mAh, which can be said that Meizu 16S Pro is a mobile phone that can be placed only by the value.

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The total income of 2.510 million in the year of the tax is two days! ! !

The total income of 2.510 million in the year of the tax is two days! ! !

Pre-tax income stabilize more than 4 million, coupled with additional social security, provident fund, people’s welfare of the company, 5 million to raise a senior programmer, really not the general company can afford. The core product of TM "King Glory Icon" has accumulated more than 10 billion US dollars, about RMB 63.9 billion, innovative world records. In 2021, the income of the "King Glory" has exceeded 2 billion US dollars in AppStore and Google Playicon, approximately RMB 12.8 billion. According to this, it is not enough to raise a 500w annual salary. As an eating melon, this revenue also earned it, and the gap between people suddenly opened so big. You can earn money, you will be home, you can go home to pension without money. Many friends around me are this idea! This idea has become a must-talk in communication. I checked the Undergraduate graduation salary from the University of the University from about $ 65,000 to more than $ 100,000. Tencent game really has such a high salary? Friends know how to talk about [smile]

I thought IOS animation was invincible, until I met Xiaomi 11ULTRA

I acknowledge that IOS’s animation gives people feel rich and delicate. It is also very good, I have been loved by fruit powder, but today I found that the transition animation of the Android camp is not good! To be honest, I will also be like everyone, I think that iOS animation is invincible, I feel that there should be nothing to do with its animation? Until today I experienced the Xiaomi 11 Ultra, the Android camp, after Huawei P50 Pro mobile phone, I found the original transition animation to do more than apple ios.

The first is the animation of rice 11 Ultra, which gives people a feeling of slow (slow) animation, and does not fall frame, especially the application exits to the desktop. It is simply a kind of enjoyment, and also match some dynamic icons. Looks at it. It can be said that the 11 Ultra animation not only looks comfortable, but also highs, the operation logic is human, and there is also a small frame, so the experience can be made up with Apple iOS. The only feeling that needs to improve is the stability of the system, but I guess the next Miui13 system will solve this difficult.

Secondly, Huawei P50 Pro, because the cause of the Hong Kong system is upgraded, so transition animation is more delicate than the past Emui system, and it is still very smooth. After the animation of Hongmeng, after 1.25X, the animation transition is slightly slow, but it seems to be more texture, there is a feeling of fine, as if I have opened it. (But remind, 1.25x animation, developer mode can’t change, you need to pass the ADB to connect computer to modify it)

It can be said that the new Hong Kong animation details have compared the previous EMUI as a comprehensive improvement, (at least the time to follow the time) characteristic function does not say, fluency, stability rose a step, and the only thing that needs improvement is more The cartoon exhaled by the task is hard, not as flexible, 11u. However, I believe that these later, it will be improved, after all, the current Hongmeng has just begun.

All in all, personal thinking of the rice 11 Ultra, P50P animation, is not inferior to iOS animation, and even in some places detailed animation, and this is what I didn’t expect. Finally, I feel that 11u and p50 pro are a bit opposite, a hardware cow B, the system is generally, a hardware is general (in this price) system software cow, it feels very interesting.