Do not scold the! Shenzhou solidarity association executives: We have to support more domestic brands like Lenovo

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Since the cult released a video about 7 Lenovo, Lenovo can be described as brought to the cusp of public opinion. After all, as an early associate of domestic technology companies, not only did the domestic chip, driven up operating system, we have become the mouth of the "assembly plant" Lenovo R & D investment accounted for less than 3% per year is a real ride "assembly plant "question. Lenovo executives Yang himself is released does not require self-developed chips with the operating system’s remarks, and users believe that such statements delayed the development of the domestic operating system.

It is also when Lenovo suffered users questioned, the founder Wu Haijun Shenzhou computer suddenly stand up and issued a solidarity association. Wu Haijun up to 1,500 words in solidarity among the nine major express opinions:

The first 1:00, founder Wu Haijun Hasee think Lenovo is the only one computer business will be the first global domestic companies, given an ulterior motive behind the upset, and the benefit will only be the second and third of Hewlett-Packard and Dell .

Point 2, Wu Haijun believe that the CAS year investment income of $ 200,000 would have 2.755 billion yuan, and is now owned by the Chinese Academy of Sciences also Lenovo shares worth 10 billion simply does not exist so-called loss of state assets.

Point 3, even if Lenovo executives accounted for half of the United States, but Lenovo has been done first in the world, indicating its restructuring is successful.

Point 4, Wu Haijun pointed out that a sales associate up to 4,000 billion yuan, although Lenovo executives got pay 10 billion, but sales only account for a fraction of point five of this compensation ratio is normal, even on the low side.

Point 5, the association has created numerous jobs, worthy of an enterprise play.

Point 6, although Lenovo liabilities 100 billion yuan, but Lenovo is just three months of sales, such debt is very healthy.

The first 7:00, although Lenovo sold abroad cheaper than domestic, but this brand is the need to support the home country of consumers. Wu Haijun and even Japanese brands, for example, many Japanese are Japanese brands only for those who support the Japanese brand to the world, and now Lenovo brand also needs the support of 1.4 billion Chinese people to be able to go further.

The first 8:00, I hope you see the situation, do not suppress domestic brands, the US brand advantage of.

Point 9, in which the existing computer market, the domestic PC market share of less than 50%, of which a large part is occupied by the association. If Lenovo fall, other domestic PC brands will be more difficult.

Although the Shenzhou Wu Haijun founder of Solidarity association issued thousands of words long article, but I still want to say that one of the loopholes or too much, it is difficult even netizens questioned.

For example, on the first 1:00, why at this time I felt Lenovo was the first company to achieve the world’s first business computer domestic brands, so that some people with ulterior motives questioned Lenovo is it? Why 5G standards of the time, the association did not vote for Huawei, but vote for the high-pass it? You know it is because of this critical vote, Huawei only missed the first. Well, this is it who have ulterior motives?

Furthermore Point 2, that someone pointed out that the year is not just Chinese Academy of Sciences has invested 200,000 yuan to Lenovo, Zhongguancun also offers a prime location, Wu Haijun is silent. There are 3 points now Lenovo executives have nearly half of Americans, so good on the Lenovo is a company to make people proud of the domestic brands do?

In point 4, the Wu Haijun think Lenovo executives to take pay 1 billion yuan is low, because Wu Haijun sales actually take the analogy, rather than net, you know Lenovo executives take pay ten accounted for net profit one points. Even if it is in accordance with the sales of Apple in 2020 to $ 600 billion in sales, Cook took $ 200 million in salary and stock dividends, this ratio is also lower than the remuneration of Association Executives.

As to point 7, is untenable ground, on what basis to support the needs of foreign markets by domestic consumers? Is domestic consumers is being taken advantage of it? Even so, the association also donate computers to the US military, which in turn is the motive of it? Look at the people Huawei, pricing is generally higher than the European market, Lenovo, Huawei Why would not think of such foreign selling it cheaper than domestic?

I want to say that today’s China cool with the Big Four already is not the original Chinese with a cool, once the association is not with today’s Huawei day difference, the more we need now is to focus on independent technology such as Huawei research and development of domestic brands, rather than eating procurement dividend company. Even support domestic brands, it should also be supported by more strength and potential of the company, this worthy of support domestic brands the consumer, rather than domestic brands to donate computers to the US military.

I ask you what is the matter think?