GeForce RTX 3090 TI: NVIDIA fastest RTX card to get 21 GBPS GDDR6X

GPDR6x speed upgrade has been a long time, and now 21 Gbps should be used. The first application area will be the expected new flagship, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti, is expected to be in January 2022.

Technical specifications can be clear from the product code of New Melware. The last digit usually represents an effective clock rate – in this case 21 Gbps. Beautiful light has its own decoder to explain each letter or number.

Previous GDDR6X memory per chip only 8 Gbit (256 * 32), 1 gbyte, new chip can double to 16 Gbit, ie 2 gbyte, like 16 Gbit (512 * 32) classic GDDR6 decoder description. For 24 GB graphics cards, this means that the desired chip is hit from 24 to 12, so the rear of the RTX 3090 Ti can remain unqualified – future alternatives or even 48 GB variants, but more likely It is a professional area. The official website has a higher speed, but there is only 8Gbit chips.

Since summer, there have been rumors that NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 TI will refresh the product portfolio, become a new pioneer in the graphics card, and may lead to Ampere Geforce RTX 3000 Series "Refresh". First, a fully developed GA102 has a 10,752 shaders, and both sides are faster graphical memory.

Even if the GPU’s clock behavior is currently unknown, full expansion and faster memory will consume power. This may be 450 watts. This value is new for official solutions, but the partner card has been used with classic RTX 3090 with the same wattage.