Users who know mobile phones, choose 256GB of memory when buying mobile phones, otherwise only yourself

Before the iPhone13 series released this year, there was a message that made Apple users were very unclear, that is, the iPhone13Pro series will cancel 256GB storage versions, because Apple’s previous mobile phone has this phenomenon, so many Apple users believe this information.

Everyone has such a big response because the 256GB version has become one of the standards of most mobile phone users when choosing mobile phone storage capacity. Therefore, more users will take a long time when buying a mobile phone, in fact, it is to store the size and high price.

I am buying iPhone13Pro Max, I started to choose 128GB version, because I have used 128GB version, from iPhone7plus, I have been 128GB version, but I feel that the storage space seems to be a bit not enough. Cancel the order to reselect 256GB version, the result is grabbed, and the version is not.

Then users are in the face of mobile phone storage 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, so many capacity versions, what should I choose?

First, many users will have a misunderstanding, 128GB capacity is complete enough and cheap, 256GB is too expensive. Is it really?

Which volume version still has to look at the main purpose after the phone, if you start with a small size version of the price, it is likely to store space after a while.

The mobile phone is very weak, with the processor performance and camera technology, more users will use the mobile phone as a camera and entertainment tools.

I like to take photos, short video, 128GB is not enough, and the 265GB or even larger version is more secure.

In addition to storing photos video files, the App us usually uses a larger storage space. As we have more and more demand for mobile phones, the APP installed in the mobile phone is more and more, one mainstream mobile phone Just install hundreds of apps, and some of the large game apps occupy more than 10 gs.

In addition to the APP’s occupancy storage, the cache file that uses the app will also store space. For example, we use the most WeChat, my own WeChat cache has reached 27GB, accounting for more than 1GB of memory than 1GB. But you can’t clean up frequently, afraid that some data will be lost.

For users with low mobile phone-dependent, you can choose the stored version of your own, you will neither shoot a lot of photos and videos, and you will not play games, just use a mobile phone basic function, entertainment look at the news. , Video, these don’t have too much mobile phone storage, more wasteful.

Therefore, when the mobile phone users are replacing mobile phones, they are still based on their own scenarios and habits. If the annual memory occupancy is the same, they can keep the status, if their own mobile phone store has a growth trend, then choose a slight high A little storage version, after all, buy a mobile phone minimum to use 2-3 years, try to avoid the mobile phone because of insufficient storage.