Within 800 yuan, the duration of telephoto / Samsung high brush, 2021 Q4 is worth starting to "soil garbage" recommended (2)

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According to the price division, the last phase introduced the "soil garbage" worth recommending recommended by 300-600 yuan. This budget is added to 700-800 yuan. It is basically free to buy the mainstream flagship in 2019, and Samsung E3 is high.Brush screen, Sony IMX586 main photo, and diving telephoto, etc. are now still in popular technical configuration.

Of course, Huawei mobile phone is an exception. Since some reason, Huawei flying high, but I have a total of 1000-1500 yuan price, Huawei can upgrade Harmonyos 2 flagship is very cost-effective.


Price: 700 yuan

Sellings: 龙 855, 48MP IMX586 main photo, Samsung AMOLED full screen, 4000mAh battery 27W fast charge

Redmi K20 PRO is the first flagship product launched after REDMI brand, which is full of REDMI brands. In that year, Redmi K20 PRO is designed or in battery capacity, and it is necessary to press Xiaomi 9 (Xiaomi 9 batteries only 3300mAh, One of the endless Snapdragon 855 mobile phones, this is why Redmi K20 PRO has become a true flagship in 2019.

At the same time, there is also a rumor. Because the hot sale of Redmi K20 PRO passed the millet digital series, there is a provision, and the rear REDMI K series stack can not exceed the millet digital series, which is why he has always emphasized the "Qiqi Ship Dare Ko" Redmi REDMI K30 Pro Ko is almost millet 10, RedMi K40 Pro Ko is almost Xiaomi 11 … Always cut a knife near the perfect configuration.

In addition to the trend of high refresh rate, Redmi K20 Pro is definitely one of the most worthy of the flagship machine that year.


Price: 750 yuan

Sellings: 龙 855 Plus, 64MP S5kgw1 Main photo, Samsung E3 90Hz high brush screen, 50W fast charge

It is very conquer that REDMI is now in China’s largest opponent Realme, also begins in China.

The RealMe X2 Pro selling point for 90 Hz Sanji passengers in the second half of 2019 is the 90Hz OLED high-brush straight screen exclusive in 2019, getting 2021, still stronger than a lot of thousands. Other compare the configuration of the user experience also includes UFS 3.0 flash memory, Z-axis linear motor and duplex, and the like.

However, comparison OPPO RENO ACE, one plus 7T, Realme X2 Pro, main photo is not the IMX586 of the flagship of the year, but is a higher pixel Samsung S5kgw1; charging, 50W Supervooc 1.0, more 7T, but not as good as Reno ACE, it is entirely full of 31 minutes.


Price: 800 yuan

Sellings: 龙 855, 48MP IMX586 main photo, Samsung AMOLED full screen, 5 times, long focus, X-axis linear motor

Today, the Reno series has been released to the 7th generation of products, and we seem to witness the Euro ring that OPPO wants to jump out of the R series of eucalyptus but gradually return to the R series.

In the latest Oppo Reno7 series, we have seen the design of the Reno iconic ceramic ball and dolphins finned lift lens. Said to go back to the product itself, because of the lifting structure, the OPPO Reno 10x zoom version of the screen is 93.1%, and there is a relatively few preamplite lane on the previous mode group.

In its name, the biggest selling point of OPPO RENO 10 times is the back this baked telephoto lens. The Sensor behind the Samsung is Samsung’s S5K3M5. The OPPO Reno series of initial products are still rare to give the rear camera module. Fortunate.


Price: 800 yuan

Selling points: Kirin 980, Samsung AMOLED screen, 48MP Sony IMX582 main photo, 40W fast charge, upgrade HARMONYOS 2

Although the 800 yuan price is not touched by Huawei’s MATE series and P series double flagship, but still can also consider the princess Nova series of Huawei.

Although in 2019, Huawei has already hosted a list of US sanctions, but the production of the unicorn chip is not limited. After connecting two unicorn 970, Huawei gives Nova 5 Pro to arrange the Mate20 series P30 series of unicorn 980 chip.

The rear 48MP Sony IMX582, slightly in the same period IMX586, support Huawei’s own 40W fast charge, and Huawei superfinct file system and Huawei Ark compiler, and now rare, Huawei will use Samsung’s OLED screen.

The most important thing is that Huawei pushed Harmonyos 2 official version for Nova 5 Pro, which was also the most cost-effective model of the introduction of Harmonyos 2.


Price: 800 yuan

Sellings: 龙 855 Plus, Samsung AMOLED Polarity full screen, rear 48MP Sony IMX586 main photo

The final generation of non-excavated screens in the full-scale era, with a dream unicorn color and rare white front panel, I don’t know how many young men’s charm.

The configured android flagship, Snapdragon 855 Plus, Samsung OLED screen, IMX586 main photo, and Meizu signboard X-axis motor.

The thickness is only 7.65mm, the weight is 166g, and the battery capacity has progress compared to the previous generation 16S, the capacity reaches 3600mAh, which can be said that Meizu 16S Pro is a mobile phone that can be placed only by the value.

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