What are the main applications of color stainless steel pipes?

Colored Stainless Steel Decorators are widely used in high-end villas, star hotels, advanced clubs, luxury cells, etc. At present, mature products have mainly screen, stair handrails, balcony guardrails, fences, gates, etc. It has the characteristics of color gorgeous, wear-resistant, and no fading. The surface treatment process has the following five types: wood grain transfer, vacuum electroplating, paint, spray, copper plated.

Stainless steel decorative tubes are mainly divided into 201, 304 tubes and 316 tubes. According to the type, it can be divided into ordinary tubes, tubes, and color tubes. For custom requirements, it is generally required for specific pipe diameters, elneins, flats, zoom, bending, etc., more for building decoration products, civil decorative art stainless steel products.

The color stainless steel tube is usually needed to do anti-fingerprint processing when it is used in public, or when it can be easily touched by hand; the anti-fingerprint treatment is to form a very thin and sturdy protective layer in stainless steel surface through nano-coating technology. Process, so that the stainless steel surface can not only achieve the effect of anti-fingerprint, but also improved corrosion resistance. Greatly improve the beauty and durability of colored stainless steel products.