It is recommended to praise it! It is more than 300 from the media to do more than 300, sharing 27 tools.

It is recommended to pay first to collect it! It is more than 300 from the media to do more than 300, share 27 tools, save it, don’t you find it for a while.

A good auxiliary tool can effectively improve our creative efficiency, or help us solve many problems we can’t solve.

Point to continue to see ~

First, material

1, sound tool:

(1) News is fast

(2) Wonderful W

(3) Baidu text

2, music material:

(1) Netease

(2) Cool dog

(3) Ear listen W

(4) Love to W

3, video material:

(1) Korean drama TV

(2) 80S

(3) Watermelon

Second, the tool class

1, editing tool:

(1) Trimming

(2) PR

(3) Fast clip

2, typesetting tool:

(1) 91 editing

(2) Xiimi

(3) 135 typography

3, font:

(1) Seeking font

(2) Webmaster material

(3) Chinese font

4, picture tool:

(1) Design

(2) Creatant paste

(3) Figure monster

Third, essential material

1, easy to use material W:

(1) Plum Wa W

(2) City of the sky

(3) Copywriting dog

2, picture material:

(1) element

(2) Thousand diagraph W

(3) Petal W

Many of us think that there is no problem, a software, tools, and websites can help us solve it. Is there a method skills and tools, and do you still do it in your media?

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