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In the video, Xiao Sang fell into Party A "true", and puts forward a lot of deceased demand for Baidu’s engineers. Not only wants this super robot to pick up their own travel, help yourself to run legs, and cultural literacy, will be poetry, Talk about life ideals, even when it is tired, it can turn into a rest space. This level of "super robot" sounds like a science fiction movie "delusion".

I didn’t expect this "secret weapon", just appeared at the Baidu World Conference yesterday. Baidu founders, chairman and CEO Li Yanhong really released "new species" – car robots.

There is no steering wheel and the accelerator pedal, which looks like a mobile space capsule, not only breaks through people’s imagination of the car, but also unveil the next chapter of the artificial intelligence spread.

Some people may have to ask, is it true that artificial intelligence really reaches this level?


Artificial intelligence is around

Artificial intelligence has long changed our daily lives.

It is no longer a computer and mobile phone. In the unknown, many people who are unpreparent in many people have been connected to the net.

Work on your body, glasses, screen, speaker, or even software in your mobile phone, TV on your TV, you can get out of a variety of things, find artificial intelligence shadow.

Smart life is no longer just a patented, artificial intelligence, making the "Science and Technology Gate Han" – the vulnerable group represented by the elderly, also across the "Digital Ditch", enjoy the welfare of scientific and technological progress.

Recently, "Beijing Seventy-year-old couple realizes self-service," is a typical example. Intelligent equipment is perfect in helping the elderly, solving the size of many people to solve the problem that many people need to help can solve.

Of course, this is not liberalization of children’s endowment obligations, and any equipment is more intelligent, and it is impossible to replace family companionship. The relationship between children and women’s busy and even wandering in the old and older groups, is also a social reality that cannot be ignored.

According to the seventh national census, the share of the 60-year-old and older population has reached 18.7%. According to the prediction of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, in the next five years, the elderly population is likely to exceed 300 million. my country is moving into the middle of the age.

Therefore, artificial intelligent equipment is of great significance in helping the elderly.

The importance of this meaning is reflected in artificial intelligence. Take the recent upgrade of small smart screen products as an example, Baidu enhances the "first aid" function and access free remote rescue services. When the user encounters a burst, for example, the old man falls in the house, just shouting "small degree, save me", Xiaomori smart assistant will not only call emergency contacts, but also directly involve professional rescue staff, Help and guide users to implement effective self-rescue and mutual assistance in the first time.

In addition to helping, in daily life, artificial intelligence has also played a huge role in improving the happiness of the elderly population. At the World General Assembly yesterday, Baidu announced a video, the popularity of CCTV, Wang Bingbing visited the four-story family of Beijing big fence, and felt the "black technology" of small house smart products. .

Using a small-scale smart product, users can interact with all house equipment by simple speech instructions. They automatically open the curtains after the guests will automatically open the fan and humidifier. Even the old home appliances can also achieve intelligence Transformation.

In addition to the functions present in the video, according to the recently released "Wufu Ai Hidden Program", Baidu’s wisdom, you can also help the elderly to enjoy health management, scientific exercise, body and body soothing, accompanying, community Waiting for the old-age service. The charm of "Black Technology" products is that technology can make older life richer, simpler, and more convenient.

Of course, the happiness increase in artificial intelligence spreads is also a popularity, and everyone can experience it.

Faced with various size challenges that have randomly appeared in life, if you can solve it quickly, the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction is often unpredictable.

At the World General Assembly yesterday, Baidu app spokesperson Gong Jun started from the camera knowledge map, voice search, booking booking, "Question" for help, and show us to quickly solve it in Baidu APP. What kind of experience is a kind of experience.

In order to solve the problem, we often need to search for filtering in the ocean in the vast information to find the answer. Now use the upgraded Baidu smart search, with the help of artificial intelligence, Baidu, the blade, perhaps gradually become our normal .

Today’s Baidu APP is no longer a simple search engine, but an integrated platform that uses artificial intelligence technology to make more people can more easily access knowledge and services in more occasions.


What is the black technology brought to society?

60 years ago, Dartmouth Meeting, marking artificial intelligence as an emerging discipline formally born.

At that time, the forerunters may have seen the economic potential of artificial intelligence applications, but more or for a kind of feelings and vision.

When this vision, crossing the long river of time, finalizing into a technological innovation, even if this innovation does not make money, it can also produce huge power.

For a few days, an innovative black technology called "Time Machine" on Baidu map has triggered a hot discussion on social platform.

Relying on the data accumulation of billionary positive maps, people can find pictures of different times at the Baidu map, you can feel the new day of China’s urban and rural construction, or you may find the previous memories in the time.

The shake is a 12 second video, 41 million points, saying is through Baidu map Time machine, let this blogger returns to the streets a few years ago, and see yourself through the time.

In order to achieve this function, it is necessary to spend huge cloud storage and cloud computing costs, while the image is acquired, including a variety of professional equipment, including high-precision map collection, also takes a lot of R & D costs.

However, such a project actually does not produce how much economic benefits, more is a public welfare nature.

But measure the value of a technology investment, in addition to economic benefits, it depends on the value and warmth of it to people and the society, and some technologies can achieve romance and warmth, and it can also become the original power of developers’ continued investment.

As a pioneer and explorer in the field of artificial intelligence, Baidu is transforming the technical achievements of these years, transforming into actions to fulfill social value.

In Quanzhou, Fujian, Baidu uses artificial intelligence to improve water resources management, and build a highly automated and intelligent "water brain" for Quanzhou.

The "Water Card" passes a few large screens, and it can perform real-time detection and regulation of the tap water pipe network throughout Quanzhou City. It not only reduces the risk of explosive tubes, but also has been greatly optimized, but only two or three can manage A tap water plant, but also guarantees the level of tap water to the pure water. Quanzhou citizens’ water safety and sustainable development of Quanzhou’s natural environment have been strong.

The application of "Quanzhou Water Card" helps Quanzhou Water Group’s overall personnel efficiency increased by more than 5%, and the energy consumption of water supply water supply unit decreased by 8%. The reliability of decentralized sewage treatment facilities increased by 5%, achieving good economic benefits, management Benefits and social benefits.

In Yunnan Ancient City Lijiang, Baidu is based on the infrastructure of artificial intelligence, and joints the Lijiang Municipal Government to create a set "Wisdom Lijiang City Brain", which is currently in Lijiang’s party building government affairs, cultural tourism, social governance, ecology Environmental, public service and other fields have played a huge utility.

In the party’s party government affairs, through large data application analysis model, Lijiang’s party and government integration platform has been stationed in 340 mainstream convenience services, and the time limit is compressed from 20 days to 3 days, and it has already completed more than 230,000 pieces. It is basically realized. "Villagers can’t do out the village."

In terms of social governance, through access to camera monitoring and artificial intelligence identification, Lijiang brain has automatically discovered more than ten cities in the row of garbage, motor vehicles, river invasion, violation operations, etc. The event is automatically identified, reported and closed, and the accumulated intelligent identification of more than 6,000 incidents have effectively improved the efficiency of urban governance and reduced management costs.


Technology has a fixed force, and the industry has grown

In this long change, you can’t leave the hardships of each pioneer, you can’t leave every entrepreneur’s initiative. Standing on the shoulders of countless ancestors, after the endless question and self-doubt, there were a few technologies such as Baidu’s full stack of AI capabilities, and took out the technical achievements sufficient to proud.

The report published by IDC shows that Baidu Smart Cloud has ranked first in the AI ??Cloud market for three consecutive times and ranked first in multiple sub-segment. As of last year, according to the cumulative pull request, Baidu’s depth learning framework "aircraft" is ranked second.

Behind the excellent rankings are the condensed strength of all people, knowing this Baidu, starting from a small grade, strengthening a road to open a win-win and giving back to society.

At the 2016 Baidu World Conference, Baidu first exhibited Baidu’s first artificial intelligence results – "Baidu Brain", and announced the core capabilities and underlying technology of the majority of developers, entrepreneurs and traditional enterprises to open Baidu brain. Since then, every Baidu World Conference is almost all surrounded by artificial intelligence. The more and more open pace, and the results of harvest are increasing. At present, Baidu Availability has learned an open source open platform and has helped more than 36 million developers.

After many years of deep cultivation, Baidu finally took a "big trick" at this year’s World Conference – "Car Robot". It is not only a collection of integration in Baidu’s huge investment in the past decade, but also the key to the 10-year gate of Baidu next AI.

In June last year, Baidu announced that in the next decade will continue to increase investment in new infrastructure in artificial intelligence, chip, cloud computing, data center. At the same time, Baidu also shows that the next five years is expected to continue to cultivate 5 million AI talents, providing AI talent guarantee for the development of intelligent economic society.

Over the past decade, Baidu’s total R & D expenditure accounted for more than 15%, such a continuous investment, not only much higher than the domestic Internet company, even if the foreign giants such as Microsoft, Amazon, is not inferior .

Long-term firm investment, bringing a fruitful technology accumulation. According to the "2020 Artificial Intelligent China Patent Technical Analysis Report" released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Baidu has been in the first three consecutive years of patent analysis reports in the artificial intelligence, and the number of patent applications and patent licensions last year reached 9364 and 2682 respectively. Part.

Behind these accumulation is a silent effort in Baidu for ten years, which is a hard exploration of thousands of multi-million developers day and night. It is also because of this persistence and strength, there is now the Baidu of "Second Entrepreneurship, Secondary Departure", and now we will continue to live in artificial intelligence.

What is the future of artificial intelligence? Perhaps the link between the AI ??chip and the brain, perhaps it is a human and robot, we still don’t know now.

But we know, Li Yanhong’s sentence is enough to reveal the upcoming "Tomorrow":

"In the future, AI will help our entire society, this is the power of the whole society from a larger perspective, and this is the power of Baidu to do AI – let people feel the power of technology.