I thought IOS animation was invincible, until I met Xiaomi 11ULTRA

I acknowledge that IOS’s animation gives people feel rich and delicate. It is also very good, I have been loved by fruit powder, but today I found that the transition animation of the Android camp is not good! To be honest, I will also be like everyone, I think that iOS animation is invincible, I feel that there should be nothing to do with its animation? Until today I experienced the Xiaomi 11 Ultra, the Android camp, after Huawei P50 Pro mobile phone, I found the original transition animation to do more than apple ios.

The first is the animation of rice 11 Ultra, which gives people a feeling of slow (slow) animation, and does not fall frame, especially the application exits to the desktop. It is simply a kind of enjoyment, and also match some dynamic icons. Looks at it. It can be said that the 11 Ultra animation not only looks comfortable, but also highs, the operation logic is human, and there is also a small frame, so the experience can be made up with Apple iOS. The only feeling that needs to improve is the stability of the system, but I guess the next Miui13 system will solve this difficult.

Secondly, Huawei P50 Pro, because the cause of the Hong Kong system is upgraded, so transition animation is more delicate than the past Emui system, and it is still very smooth. After the animation of Hongmeng, after 1.25X, the animation transition is slightly slow, but it seems to be more texture, there is a feeling of fine, as if I have opened it. (But remind, 1.25x animation, developer mode can’t change, you need to pass the ADB to connect computer to modify it)

It can be said that the new Hong Kong animation details have compared the previous EMUI as a comprehensive improvement, (at least the time to follow the time) characteristic function does not say, fluency, stability rose a step, and the only thing that needs improvement is more The cartoon exhaled by the task is hard, not as flexible, 11u. However, I believe that these later, it will be improved, after all, the current Hongmeng has just begun.

All in all, personal thinking of the rice 11 Ultra, P50P animation, is not inferior to iOS animation, and even in some places detailed animation, and this is what I didn’t expect. Finally, I feel that 11u and p50 pro are a bit opposite, a hardware cow B, the system is generally, a hardware is general (in this price) system software cow, it feels very interesting.